X Marks the Treasure

Is the new V6 X-class a pickup to be treasured or just a piece of fools gold? From your childhood, you’d remember the conquests of Pirates and their infamous treasure […]

CLA 45 AMG review – X Marks the Spot

Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 review New Zealand

Scotsman Robert Louis Stevenson first published Treasure Island in 1883; it is an adventure novel full of Pirates, Swashbuckling Buccaneers, talking parrots, far off lands and high sea high jinks. […]

Mercedes-AMG – Driving Performance

Globally, three distinctive letters embody automotive high performance, exclusivity and dynamic driving pleasure and bring passion to an already desirable brand – Mercedes AMG. Although AMG was formally founded in […]

Anger Management – AMG A 45

Mercedes-AMG A45 review New Zealand Anger is a normal healthy response to the likes of threat or frustration and when used ‘constructively’ it can give you that little boost of […]