Catching Mazda’s SKYACTIV drift

Mazda SKYACTIV event New Zealand

Mazda’s 2018 i-ACTIV AWD Event It seems that with each new generation of motor vehicle comes a whole new suite of aids and safety measures designed to keep everyone from […]

Volvo XC40 review – City Takeaway

Volvo XC40 review New Zealand

Volvo XC40 review New Zealand Whenever I picture inner-city life, whether locally in Auckland or further afield in say New York or London, I always get a sense of a […]

Special Delivery – GM Holden Acadia

GM Holden Acadia New Zealand

Receiving a letter in the mail is a bit of a rarity nowadays, so when a seemingly innocuous white envelope arrived, I eyed it with a hint of suspicion. Then […]

Ford Endura Review – Boxing clever

Ford Endura New Zealand

Ford Endura Review New Zealand Despite the endless amounts of fun and love that having a family brings with them (just in case they read this), they, unfortunately, turn even […]